Class Introduction

The data growth predicted by International Data Corporation (IDC) for 2025: 163 zettabytes. Machine learning patents grew at a 34% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2013 and 2017, the third-fastest growing category of all patents granted. Additionally, IDC forecasts that spending on AI and ML will grow from $12B in 2017 to $57.6B by 2021.

The new opportunity is massive data growth, advanced computing power, and then cheap storage. The combination of these three propels us into more careers into data-driven projects using machine learning work.

Data Science Applied Labs is a project-driven course that will teach students the practical aspects of data science, such as collecting data by web scrapping, validation of information in data by data analysis, and more.

Class Duration: 3 weeks

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Time: 10am – 6pm

Locations: Los Angeles, Orange County

Price: $4,995 (Financial options available)

Prerequisites and Requirements: You can take our Pre-Work materials for Python & statistics ahead of time to prep for the course, or even to brush up on your skills.

Do you offer a Certificate? Yes

Why you should take this class? We offer the first four days of our 16-week course to help students have a general idea of where to applied data science, as well, as decide if they wish to keep pursuing the rest of the material.

Who is this class best suited for? This class is for those who do not know whether they can or will be able to continue throughout the entire 16-week course & would like to decide if data science is the right fit for them.

Class Size: 5:1, student-to-teacher ratio.