Class Introduction

Project Based Learning is data scientists working in a group to improve upon their skills by developing projects with hands-on experiences.

The purpose of Project Based Learning is to improve overall data science project experience & this includes statistical, programming, and business domain expertise. Projects are targeted but not limited to the follow domains: social media, e-commerce, finance, telecom, bioinformatics, real estate, technology, machine learning, recommender systems, visualization, Spark & Splunk, big data, deep learning, computer vision, & natural language processing & understanding.

Projects are run in three-set format: 
1. Skill Assessment 
2. End-to-End Development 
3. Bring Your Own Data.

Class Duration: 6 weeks

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Time: 10am – 6pm

Locations: Los Angeles, Orange County

Price: $4,995 (Financial options available)

Prerequisites and Requirements: Knowledge of Python & machine learning techniques, as well as cleaning & processing information. Please call or email us to see if you qualify.

Do you offer a Certificate? Yes

Why you should take this class?

  • Hands-on learning that with real-life business projects,
  • In-person instruction from the experts in the data science,
  • Well-networked with the data science community,
  • You will build your project portfolio to build your career success.

How to Register? Fill the form or contact for more information regarding the course

Who is this class best suited for?

  • Someone looking to improve their knowledge and gain the skills with real world business portfolio of projects.
  • College students and recent graduates: Obtain the needed hands-on experience and fill the gap between school and real world demand.

Class Size: 5:1, student-to-teacher ratio.